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FoundiT is the brainchild of 3 best friends who love writing and creating music together. Brothers Jordan and Alex Hughes hold down Guitars and Vocals, while Turner Thomas holds down Bass and Backing Vocals. The trio draw influence from multiple different genre's of music.

They first met when Alex and Jordan formed a metal band in their hometown of Dudley, NC. However they eventually all relocated to Raleigh, NC and were involved within the local metal scene in not just Raleigh, but the entire state.


FoundiT started during the time of the trio's metal band as a side project with friend and also original drummer, Dimitri Blue. In the summer of 2022 they started recording 3 singles that would be released over the next year, drawing inspiration from not only their metal influences, but their pop punk and rock influences as well. As time went on, Dimitri parted ways with the trio, but will always have a lasting impact on the sound of their music. Gabriel "Gabe-O" Oliveira a long time friend and former band mate soon joined the band on drums. The groups overall goal is to make music that they enjoy and to have fun doing it.

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